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How Can I Bet On Cricket Online

How Can I Bet On Cricket Online ?

Betting is not a controllable process, its outcome is not speculated exactly. We can say this as an art of playing 9online by applying skills and turning that knowledge into profit by earning real cash. Before going in this field, one should know the front and back of a particular field. In India, Cricket is played most and Indians have great interest in playing cricket either online or offline. 

If you think about playing any game online, you will think only of depositing an amount, taking an odd and just place and enjoy the playing and win the real cash. It's just thinking that all think just to place a bet and win. NO. There are several steps to playing a game online.

This blog will brush up you through the single steps for successful playing and winning the bet online. Either experienced or beginner, all steps and guides are helpful for you. We will start understanding the basics of the game and become pro at betting cricket online.

Understand the Game

Understand every technical point of betting online and how the game online works for successful winning bets. Cricket has evolved over the years and has changed several times with new formats and has grown to the next scale.

Lets gauge on every factor influencing the bet and its format:

Factors that Influence the Bet

1. Format: 

It is important to know the format to enhance your selection skills.Format is important as we check the 2021 record of England so they have won several matches and have a very good  scale in playing. So from the format you can analyse the performance of England in any format. But according to the format, if we check each team has a particular unique format of playing and performance. As we line up, they are not in a good test line-up but Srilanka have performed well in Test Matches.

Team Players

When you are learning how you can bet on cricket, you will get to know the performance status and strengths of particular team players. For batsmen stats, keep eye on their average score, strike rate and partnership. For bowlers, keep records of part matches.Cricket is a type of game, where things change in seconds, but knowing about the players will help you predict the match better. This approach will enhance your chance of winning probabilities as you will place bets after analysing the performance. 

 Pitch Condition

The pitch or the stadium is always important to know before making a prediction about the match. Pitch conditions will determine if it is best for bowlers or not. Know if there is black soil pitch then the score will not be too high as this pitch favours the bowlers. If a pitch has some grass coverage It will favour pacers and batsmen, because grass will assist the bounce and the speed required for getting wickets.

 Head to Head & Past Performances

Best analysis can be traced from the past performance and more effective is Head to head result between the teams which says about win and loss results. These records are easily available on the internet. This information will make your strategy better. 

 2. How much money risk can you take?

In online betting, money transfer is not physical and adding money is also too simple and fast. If you have started betting without setting the limit, you will end up spending more idle money. It is necessary to make a limit on how much money you can use for betting. But the rule is never to rely on betting by source of income.

Set a Limit

Every single money in betting is risky money.  Set a limit so you will never exceed it and get a cricket betting id online. It is best to plan such a limit because some betting to recover lost bets significantly changes the financial health. The limits allow you to enjoy the best betting experience without being buried with the fear of losing money. Most of the betting sites in India allow customers to enter a betting limit in the wallets and this will line up the customer safely by gamling authorities.

3. Pre-Match Analysis of Teams

Always do a match analysis before the match starts. Analyze the weather reports to get an idea with wind and rain forecast. Both factors play a key role in determining the game strategy and for toss selection. Also keep an eye on the squad of teams that was announced early on the same day.

4. Shortlist Betting Sites

One of the important steps of selecting the best betting sites and also the biggest mistakes as you don't know the parameters of how you can choose best betting sites. Mistakes all do is not to register with the right bookmakers. You must look at every point keenly before deciding. 

It is suggested that you create an account on more than one betting site to take advantage of best odds from different sites. A single website cannot give you the best odds if we talk about cricket betting markets.

  • Always check about the website. Government authority is important as it is affiliated with the gambling commission. You have to check all these details at the footer.
  • Before doing transactions, check the payment security by checking SSL certificates and it follows the security protocols by processing payments. These details are mentioned in the payment section.  
  • It is a common factor to see customer support. Betting sites provide 24/7 customer support which will resolve queries faster.

5. Check Betting Markets

Cricket is played worldwide so check your best betting markets and make your selection. Betting sites develop new odds and make customers hooked and even more excited for next time.

Prepare a List of Pre-Match and In-Play Bets

You should have a clear view of which bets are available for in Play betting and for pre match betting. Make a list of both categories by going through its bets. This list will save your time and it will ensure it for quality bets.

Make Strategy

What do you mean by making a strategy? Making a complex chart of bets and odds? Making a calculation of probability and winning percentage? Taking others' strategy? NO.

You should have a strategy that will clarify and define your betting limits and action you are going to take on every bet means when you have to cash out and when not.

It should margin your steps if the match does not go according to your plan, so what do you do?  Strategy must include the option of what you have to do next if things are going to be exactly what you plan and think.Prepare strategy and get cricket betting id online and win real cash.

6. Place Bets

Once you have finalized the betting site and the bet with which you are going to play then what's left? Go ahead, select the odds, and submit the bets and see how things change.

Your Wallet must be ready 

When you have decided the bet limit, then fill your wallet before the match begins.Loading your wallet in advance saves your time during the game and this will save you from the technical glitch of payment not being processed. 

Also check the deposit bonus from time to time as during the match you also have no time to check the offers and you can freely focus on your games. But, don't load your wallet with more than your estimated one. Extra money in betting is supposed to be idle.

 7. Make your Bet Tracker

Know the track of all your bets during the match and after the match so you can update the bets or if needed also you can make cash out. When you use multiple betting sites , this step is important to track each and every bet you play.  You can use an excel sheet for using the track record of all your bets. You can mainly put some of the columns as Events, Bookie, Amount Deposit, Odds, Cash-outs and Bet amount.

8. Analyse Your Performance and Improve

You can analyze the betting performance of what worked and what did not. Before placing the next bet, keep in mind and improve your betting performance constantly.You can look for the post match analysis given by cricket websites and check at every moment by approaching the analysis matches and deciding bets correctly.

9. Make Use of Betting Offers

If you think place matters for betting, but really it does not whether you are playing from Pakistan, Bangladesh or from USA or UK or from any place. Most of the countries are offering the best betting offers, valuable offers and all these have a different part for getting experienced one betting online. Make sure you will never miss out on any best bet offers.

Final Words

The five betting websites that are best in every factor like betting odds, transaction security and customer support services. Experience at some of the best cricket bets. Keep in mind that whatever techniques and strategy is, it will not guarantee your constant win. But if you follow the analyses mentioned above and some methods you will surely win and it will work greatly. Now I am sure that you are ready to bet on cricket online and register yourself with a bookmaker and you can now start your betting journey and Get cricket betting id online. Go with your knowledge and play to win the bet online. Happy Playing!


Is there any bet limit set for online cricket?

There is no such age limit for playing cricket betting online, but every bettor must have a minimum age of 18 years. 

Is it possible to add multiple bets in a slip?

Most of the cricket betting sites allow you to add different bets in a single bet.

Are there any cash out features?

Cash out features declare a certain percentage of the bet amount.  It helps you close the bets you might not win as the game progresses.

Which are the best cricket betting sites?

If you want to play from the best betting site and for getting Cricket betting id online then, Gamers Zone Gaming and Play4win online feature the best customer service in gambling industry.

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